Large container vessels cannot always sail 24 hours a day the River Scheldt. The period in which these vessels may proceed inward or outward bound is called the tidal window, depending on the ship's depth and the height of tide.

The Common Nautical Authority calculates the tidal windows and give permission for the vessels to proceed in- or outbound. As the tides varies every day, there are also different tidal windows. This procedure will be clarified in the tidal window animation, which you also find on this site.

On this site you find the calculated tidal windows for various draughts. These tidal windows are valid for voyages up to the Zandvliet/Berendrecht locks and the Deurgancklock.

The tidal windows are calculated for predicted water levels for a waterway to target specific depths and speeds on the sections. As there are circumstances in which increases and reductions of the predicted water levels and of the sill depths may occur, or other hazards speed, deviations from these calculations are possible.

The displayed results of the calculations cannot bind.

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Select at the right a date to request the calculated tidal windows.

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