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The VTS simulator contains a realistic representation of a traffic controllers workplace in a traffic centre in the Scheldt area. On imitation radar sreens, the fairway with beacons, buoys and moving vessels can be seen and thus offers a realistic trafic image.

Training centre

Traffic controllers have to meet with high demands. Since the professional domain of a traffic controller is nationally small, vocational training cannot be achieved externally. For that reason, training is offered internally. Simulator training is part of the training programme for Flemish and Dutch traffic controllers. Thus uniformity is achieved within the training and examining. After a careful comparison of both training courses it appeared that there is hardly a difference between Flanders and the Netherlands. Currently proceedings are underway to recognize each others training in the national legislation. Internationally the training is regulated through the IALA-recommendations (IALA V-103 Recommendations: Manual on the Training of VTS Personnel/Vessel Trafic Services Manual) and in the Netherlands by means of the Shipping Traffic Act.

Both theory and practice are given in the Kallo simulator building. The trainee learns to communicate with ships according to strict standards and to anticipate among other things on deviating navigational behaviour. During training the instructor follows the trainee from a separate room. Moreover he simulates real life situations and imitates telecommunications of ships. After the training run the trainee receives an extensive debriefing with the aid of recorded discus

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