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Communication between a vessel and a traffic centre takes place by VHF. The River Scheldt area is divide in various sectors.

The new sector division came into being by execution of an assignment by the Permanent Committee. Sector division and corresponding procedures have been worked out in a group representing the user of the fairway: Flemish and Dutch pilots, the Flemish ans Dutch interior shipping associations, the Flemish and Dutch traffic controllers, the Management an Operating Team and the Common Nautical Authority.

Purpose and necessity of the new sector division

The new sector division was necessary because channel 12 of Traffic Centre Zandvliet was overloaded. Therefore the necessary communication between vessel and traffic centre beacame increasingly difficult, vital information often came through too late.

The new situation

Channel 12 remains in existence and covers the area from buoy nr. 55 to buoy nr. 100 in the operational area of Traffic Centre Zandvliet, with an early notice call for seagoing vessels at buoy nr. 35 (border of operational area of Traffic Centre Hansweert). Essential nautical information to shipping and nautical arrangements between users of the fairway take place on channel 12.

The new VHF sector division can be downloaded on the homepage.