Co-financed by the European Union
Common Nautical Authority

Operationally the Common Nautical Authority (CNA) consists of a Flemish nautical chief of the VTS department and a Dutch chief traffic controller of the Department of Public Works. According to the Common Nautical Management (CNM) treaty, the CNA decides and acts externally as one single unit. Operational decisions will therefore be taken unanimously.


Operational tasks

  • Co-ordination of shipping traffic
  • Execute daily admission policies: determine any possible conditions for the inbound or outbound vessel, based on existing regulations
  • Regulate traffic and supply mandatory instructions to shipping in order to avoid dangerous situations and prevent traffic congestion
  • Set up vessel planning with special attention to deep draught and tidal bound vessels, ships carrying dangerous goods, special and risky transports
  • Take care of co-ordination between traffic centres
  • Communicate and advise during calamities.

Besides their operational tasks, the Common Nautical Authority advises in development of policies and new or amendable regulation.

Publications to shipping

The heads of the Common Nautical Authority can, upon approval of the Permanent Committee, require in mutual publications, further demands for a safe and smooth traffic dispatch. An example is the inbound and outbound regulation for extreme large vessels.