The Western Scheldt is a busy shipping road to different Dutch and Flemish ports. Different types of ships sail here, such as sea and inland vessels, ferries and fishing boats, as well as recreational shipping.

Not only do these ships have to take each other into account, but they are also influenced by the tides, wind, waves and shallows. The traffic image is made even more complicated by the "marginal" ships. These are ships that, because of their size and / or draft, depend on various nautical conditions in order to be able to complete their voyage without any problems.

It is necessary to plan this traffic. The Joint Nautical Authority plans the voyages that marginal ships. WESP is the Western Scheldt Planner and supports the Joint Nautical Authority to make these plans.

The WESP server is connected to the Information Processing System of the Scheldt Radar Network. This system provides basic data, such as information about the ships, the planned route, etc.