The Joint Nautical Authority announces that:
In relation to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, the following measures areadopted. According to international law, all ships must submit a Maritime Declaration of Health (MDH), both when inbound and outbound.
Saniport is the competent authority in Belgium; the GGD is the competent authority in the Netherlands.


Maritime Declaration of Health (MDH):
All incoming vessels must submit a Maritime Declaration of Health (MDH), on which thecaptain must indicate max. 24 hours to arrival/departure whether there are any sick or suspected sick people on board. The captain shall also submit a list of the last ten ports of call. Depending on the port of destination, the ship is then screened by a competent health


If the health situation during the stay in the Scheldt area or during the port visit, has changed from the situation of the previous MDH, all ships must immediately resubmit an
adjusted MDH.

For a total of 14 days after leaving the Scheldt area, all ships shall report crew members developing Covid-19-related symptoms and/or test positive in a subsequent port within that

A – Assessment from a MDH by a competent health authority:
If one question on a MDH is answered with a yes, the contact details of the captain and/or the ship must additionally be provided, the MDH must be uploaded into the port system, and the MDH will automatically be forwarded to:
a- SANIPORT for ships destined for a Belgian port or anchorage.
b- GGD Zeeland for ships destined for a Dutch port or anchorage.
c- The MDHs should not be sent to the Joint Nautical Authority (the JNA is not authorised for this).

B – After assessment by the competent health authority, the recommendation to the relevant ports on the River Scheldt shall state that:
a- the ship, whether or not subject to conditions, can be accepted and can proceed to its destination port or depart from the berth.
b- the ship, stating the reasons, cannot be accepted and cannot proceed to its destination port or depart from the berth.

C – River Scheldt ports:
a- The MDH assessments must be processed either by the Joint Nautical Authority in the Information Proceeding System (IVS) or by the Dutch ports in their port systems (Admission yes / no).
b- Via these systems, the information (Admission yes / no) is forwarded to all partners via the Central Broker System.

D – Measures for the ships covered by the acceptance situation mentioned under Bb:
a- A ship which is not authorised to sail to the port of destination must anchor or drift at one of the pilot stations.
b- If a quarantine period has been prescribed by the competent health authority, it must be respected.
c- At the end of the quarantine period, a new MDH must be completed and assessed (Aa and Ab).

E – Chain partners:
a- The chain partners (Joint Nautical Authority, pilotage services, etc.) must be informed of the MDH assessment mentioned under Ba.

F – Pilotage:
a- No pilots will be sent as passengers on all ships mentioned under B-.
b- It is not permitted to keep the pilot on board to the next port of call. (See also Bass 063-2020 on additional conditions in relation to the coronavirus outbreak on Common Notification 03-2018 – Shore Based Pilotage (LOA) for Storm Pilotage).

G – Publication of new or amended measures on COVID-19 coronavirus:
a- The measures mentioned in this Notification (Bass) are subject to situational awareness.
b- In case of changes, a new Notification (Bass) will be issued.
c- Appendices to this Notification contain measures (in English) to be taken by crew, pilots, and other service providers.

If an extension is necessary, this will be announced again.